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The Bottom of the Susquehanna

After waving goodbye to the Chesapeake Watershed Forum this morning we headed towards Harrisburg for a canoe paddle on the Susquehanna. Throughout the semester thus far, the Susquehanna has come up often, and never in a positive light. Responsible for … Continue reading

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Are all the children in?

We have now completed all five of the sessions at the Chesapeake Watershed Forum in Sheperdstown, West Virginia. Looking back on the experience with my head exploding with information, I don’t know where to begin. I considered discussing just one … Continue reading

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Labor through history

Through primary school, most students are taught some of the horrors of slavery or the basics of child labor laws, but few access the transition of labor forces throughout our country’s history.  Because so many of our everyday necessities are … Continue reading

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Colonial Williamsburg

Today we took another adventure back into time, but this time to Colonial Williamsburg. The tourist location is filled with bright costumes, fun interactives and mesmerizing reenactments. Because the site is too large to cover in a day, we were … Continue reading

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What is the real Jamestowne? Growing up I still remember visiting Jamestowne, amazed by the costumes and ships and Native American villages. Like most elementary school children, I was taught that the colonists sailed over from England, built little houses … Continue reading

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